A gallery of pictures of our Caique and of the coasts we visit during our journey.
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In full sail
Setting up... - Mario Romor
The buffet - Mario Romor
The sails - Mario Romor
The bell - Mario Romor
The bollards - Mario Romor
Tavolara - Federica Bedei
Leaving Capo Galera
L´inchino a Capo Galera - Frank Schneider
Al lavoro - Federica Bedei
Relaxing - Gianmario Marras
Isola del Toro - Federica Bedei
Hande - Federica Bedei
Il comandante - Federica Bedei
In porto - Federica Bedei
Bonifacio - Federica Bedei
In baia - Alberto Balbi
Hande - Gianmario Marras
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