A gallery of pictures of our Caique and of the coasts we visit during our journey.
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A gonfie vele - Gaddo Risso
Da prua - Gaddo Risso
Sailing in the sun - Gaddo Risso
Looking up by Mares - Gaddo Risso
From bow... - Gaddo Risso
Relaxing - Gaddo Risso
Bathroom - Federica Bedei
Detail... - Federica Bedei
Kitchen - Federica Bedei
Sunset - Eva Dall´Oca
Relax - Eva Dall´Oca
At the end of the day...
La dinette - Federica Bedei
Aperitivo - Federica Bedei
Cabina di poppa - Gianmario Marras
Cabina centrale - Federica Bedei
Benvenuti in cabina - Federica Bedei
Cabina di poppa - Federica Bedei
Il corridoio - Federica Bedei
In baia - Alberto Balbi
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