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Boarding in Alghero

From Alghero, heading north, the first few miles of navigation surprise for the incredible scenery created by the impressive cliffs of Capo Caccia overlooking the sea.

This charming corner of Sardinia is considered a sanctuary of the sea and one of the most important marine protected area in the world.

The peculiarity of this place is determined by the presence of numerous caves covered by Parazoanthus and Leptosamnia, that hide in the more shady areas fantastic colonies of the precious red coral. Huge Cerianthus and several varieties of fish and crustaceans complete the habitat of these amazing environments. Some caves are not very demanding, with wide entrances and large articulate crossing tunnels, others with long and narrow passages, however, are only for more experienced divers.

Rounded the cape of Punta Falcone, the setting of the island Asinara welcome us: colors and clearness are stunning, enviable by the most popular tropical destinations. The island, famous for having hosted a high-security penal colony, is a national park since 1997. The long isolation has facilitated the preservation of some areas virtually untouched, making this place an extraordinary heritage of inestimable value.

Divers, more than anyone else, can appreciate the integrity of the populations and the underwater landscapes of the island. The differentiated landscape consists of shale cliffs on the west coast, while on the east coast wide bays and small beaches offer perfect scenario for diving iteneraries, ideal also for snorkeling. At depth definitely not challenging even for beginners it is easy to see barracuda, hunting snappers, groupers and meagres facing their shelters.

Boarding in Cannigione

A group of picturesque islands of granite in the most beautiful corner of the Mediterranean: this is La Maddalena Archipelago.

The cruise starts from Cannigione and heading north we meet Caprera place of the last house and the tomb of Giuseppe Garibaldi, La Maddalena and finally Spargi.

The geomorphology of the area is characterized by granitic rocks with very significant examples of soil erosion by wind and sea that are real natural monuments.

This unique corner of Mediterranean offers, from the first meters, an explosion of life and colors like no other: shy groupers peep through forests of sea fans and canyons covered with Parazoanthus. The dives are mainly shoals that rise from the bottom surrounding the islands and walls.


Once crossed the Strait of Bonifacio, between Sardinia and Corsica, we meet a multitude of large and small islands, an unique archipelago that for many years it is a Marine Park, considered a paradise for scuba divers.


A dive not to be missed is Merou Ville (the city of groupers). The walls are covered with red gorgonians and sponges and the maximum depth is about 20 meters: when you get to the bottom dozens of grouper approach you with curiosity and you will have the opportunity to take some great pictures! Continuing north we dive on the shoal of the Island of Toro: unforgettable underwater canyons and an extremely rich marine life.

Then it's time to enter in Bonifacio, perhaps the most beautiful harbor in the Mediterranean with a town center of great interest.

The way back has other magnificent surprises arriving to Porto della Madonna, between the islands of Razzoli, Budelli and Santa Maria: beaches, strange shaped rocks, rich marine life, waters from turquoise to emerald.